Water Screening – a new product from PatoGen!

Lately we have experienced an increased focus on the infection status in water and water sources, with requests from several of our customers to see if we can check their water for pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms).

As a result of this we, in PatoGen, are proud to inform you that we now can offer Water Screening!

With the analysis Water Screening you get your water examined for specific pathogens that can affect the fishs’ health if they are present in the water, either from one or several water sources at the same time.

By keeping an overview of the infection status in your water, you can more easily identify risk periods and time before a possible outbreak.

Through regular monitoring you can also identify trends and developments in the water, and how this possibly affects the fish at your site.

Both could contribute to a more proactive operation and better conditions for the fish.

Water samples are easy to take and do not involve any handling of the fish.

For the best results we recommend that you filter the samples at your site before submitting them to our lab.

This is easily done by following the sampling guide which can be found at Patolink.no

Equipment for filtration can be ordered at kit@patogen.no

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Contact persons:

Teresa Garzon
 - Regional Sales Manager UK and Business Developer, +44 7435753254

Iselin Blom Karlsen - Regional Sales Manager West, +47 452 92 141

Stian Lernes - Regional Sales Manager North, +47 908 88 296

Kristian Natland - Chief Sales Officer, +47 922 06 322

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