Kristian Natland is new Chief Sales Officer in PatoGen

Kristian Natland started his new position April 1st.

Kristian is educated as a veterinarian and has a comprehensive background from various commercial positions focusing on products and services applied on animals and fish.

Among former employers are VESO and MSD. Kristian will manage the new sales team in PatoGen and be part of the management team in the company.

Main work location is the PatoGen department in Oslo.

Harmful Plankton and Gill Health Workshop in Bergen 2nd and 3rd of November
Harmful Plankton and Gill Health Workshop in Bergen
In collaboration with NCE Seafood Innovation, PatoGen invites to workshop regarding harmful plankton and gill health in Bergen.
Stian Lernes starts as sales manager for PatoGen in the Trøndelag and Northern Norway regions
Stian has extensive experience from various parts of the farming industry in his luggage when he now takes up the position at PatoGen.
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